Title: stay with me
Artist: sam smith
Album: in the lonely hour
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oh, won’t you stay with me
'cause you're all i need
this ain’t love it’s clear to see
but darling, stay with me

Title: no advice (airport version)
Artist: chet faker
Album: built on glass
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this song is the aching grief of losing someone you love, the halting disbelief of feeling you’ve failed, and the sheer terror of not knowing what comes next. it’s short, it ends abruptly, and it makes no apologies. chet faker, ladies and gentlemen… 

no, i feel it in my bones.
i feel it take me home.
i need it more than you believe.
so, i eat into my hope.
i need somewhere to cope.
i heeded no advice.

Title: hell of a night
Artist: schoolboy q
Album: oxymoron
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why did i not discover this sooner?

Title: Talk Is Cheap
Artist: Chet Faker

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chet faker 'talk is cheap' 

chet faker makes me move with confidence.

HAIM - don’t save me - (cyril hahn remix)

Title: blue moon
Artist: beck
Album: morning phase
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why do i continue to underestimate beck? exquisite song.

Title: byegone
Artist: volcano choir

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somewhere i heard you scream
for others’ hearts
and in the limiest of lights
hold the keys to a cuban flight that you won’t ever ride
it’s time to up and die


Title: one day like this
Artist: elbow
Album: the seldom seen kid
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this makes me so goddamn happy. i should listen to it every morning and be cheering the rest of the day.

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Title: Haunt You Love
Artist: Josh Pyke
Album: The Beginning and the End of Everything
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josh pyke // haunt you love

we’re only pictures hung
crooked upon a crumbling wall

Title: do i wanna know?
Artist: arctic monkeys

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arctic monkeys | do i wanna know?

maybe i’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new

Title: blessed ft. kendrick lamar
Artist: schoolboy q
Album: habits & contradictions
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schoolboy q (feat. kendrick lamar) - blessed

why is the whole world not frothing over this song? i don’t understand.

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Title: family friend
Artist: the vaccines
Album: what did you expect from the vaccines?
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they’ve all got their opinions but then what do they know
if you can’t go back, where the hell do you go?
does everybody really feel as high as a kite?
well i don’t really know if they do but they might

you wanna get young but you’re just getting older
and you had a fun summer but it’s suddenly colder
if you want a bit of love put your head on my shoulder
it’s cool